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Swan Canoe Club – Mosman Park, Swan River

SCC TV is a Swan Canoe Club initiative made possible through assistance from Fremantle Sea Rescue and a grant from the Town of Mosman Park.
During normal operation the camera will cycle through some points of interests on the river. Manual override is also possible for events or emergencies.

Feed provided courtesy of the Swan Canoe Club

Cantonment Hill Signal Station

The Cantonment Hill Signal Station Roundshot camera is a colaborative effort between Fremantle Ports and Fremantle Sea Rescue. The signal station is home to Fremantle Sea Rescue’s Rescue Operations Centre, read more here!

Feed provided courtesy of Fremantle Ports

Victoria Quay Harbourcam

The Victoria Quay Harbourcam Roundshot camera is a situated on top of the Fremantle Ports signal station.

Feed provided courtesy of Fremantle Ports