Marine Assistance & Log On



By law, all boats must carry an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) if proceeding more than two nautical miles from the mainland shore or more than 400 metres from an island located more than two nautical miles from the mainland shore.

The EPIRB Exempt Zone between Fremantle and Rottnest Island no longer exists, you MUST carry an EPIRB if you are travelling to Rottnest.

EPIRBs can help us locate you with pinpoint accuracy in case of an emergency. EPIRB’s have and will continue to save lives, however just having an EPIRB onboard won’t save you, follow our tips below to make sure your EPIRB is most effective when you need it.


Keep it Handy

An out of reach EPIRB is useless. Boats can sink in seconds so keep it where you can grab it at a moment’s notice.

Too often EPIRBs are kept packed away in hard to reach or inaccessible places. Smaller boats especially can sink or capsize in seconds, leaving critical safety equipment trapped. Mount your EPRIB near your exit path where it is easily visible, and accessible, practice removing it from the bracket so you can do it quickly.

Go GPS Equipped

GPS 406 EPIRBS are detected within seconds & are accurate to just metres. Non GPS units can take up to 5 hours and are only accurate to 5km.

Register it

This enables authorities to establish if the activation is genuine or not, and dispatch rescue resources much more quickly. This also enables rescuers to know what they are looking for, and by contacting your emergency contacts, can find out how many people they need to locate.