Marine Assistance & Log On



Fremantle Sea Rescue utilises a fleet of 4 purpose built rescue vessels and two jetskis, equipped with the very latest in search and rescue equipment and technologies. These rescue assets are strategically located throughout our coverage area to minimise response times to any given incident.

Our operational area includes the waters surrounding Fremantle, the Swan and Canning River systems, offshore to Rottnest Island and the ocean beyond. To most effectively cover this area, our vessels are strategically placed in three locations;

  • Fremantle (Success Harbour)
  • East Fremantle (Swan Yacht Club)
  • Crawley (Royal Perth Yacht Club)

These locations ensure a timely response to incidents, regardless of their position, time of day and urgency.

To further speed up our response times to incidents, our vessels actively patrol the waters on every weekend and public holiday. With the majority of incidents occurring during this time, it is crucial that we maintain an on water presence to not only reduce response times, but also continue training our crew.