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New Year brings new technology: WAVE has arrived!

Have you ever wondered how our sea rescue volunteers patrol the radio waves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? 2015 marks a year of innovation for Fremantle Sea Rescue that will make this feat easier to accomplish. Not only will it allow us to do our job to an even higher standard, it will increase our capabilities in assisting many seafarers over the coming year and beyond.

The new radio system WAVE is here; successfully installed and operational since the end of last year, already WAVE is making a difference in the proficient running of Fremantle Sea Rescue. With testing and fine tuning having taken place over the busy Christmas and New Year period, we are now even more confident in its capabilities.

So what is WAVE and how is it going to assist us and you? It is a valuable tool in the organisation’s uninterrupted surveillance of monitored VHF, HF and 27 mhz radio channels. Previously, in order for monitoring to occur throughout the night when volunteers were out of the radio tower on ‘home base’, a system of hardware consoles were needed to be setup al at home and attached to a computer. Despite this system operating through the internet, only a small number of volunteers could utilise this system after hours. When on duty, the volunteer would be required to stay beside the connected computer and console, making after-hours duty a restricting task. This is where WAVE becomes a rescuer’s hero.



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