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Powered by generosity

From the selflessness of our dedicated volunteers, to the kindness of the general public, charitable volunteer organisations like ours rely on generosity to survive.

Although our funding via the State Government continues to slowly grow more robust, we still rely heavily on public donations. Our capital projects in particular, such as replacing rescue boats, fitting out buildings and upgrading to more advanced equipment, is majority funded by our own income streams.

2016-2018 Capital Projects

  • Government
  • FSR Funds

Between 2016-2018 the group has undertaken a capital program of over $1.8M in support of two new rescue vessels (Resolute and RoVer 2), the Cantonment Hill Operations Centre and the mid-life refit of Gemini 1. Of this capital program, just 34% came from state government via DFES, with the remaining 66% being funded by our reserve funds and other donations secured by the group.