Marine Assistance & Log On

As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues to evolve, Fremantle Sea Rescue is moving quickly to adapt our operations to protect our volunteers, boaters and the broader public. Please see below for the latest information we have available regarding the situation as of Tuesday 7th April 2020.

Our Operations

On Water

During this time our rescue vessels and crew remain ready to assist those who need us, we are still operational.

To minimise the risk to our volunteers and to the reduce the chances of community spread, we are currently not running patrol shifts on weekends, with all rescues to be performed on a call-out basis. Our rostering and systems ensure that we will still be able to provide a quick response, especially to any emergencies despite not being on the water. If you require assistance, just contact us.

Marine Radio

Our radios will continue to be monitored 24 hours a day.

To reduce the risk to volunteers, we have introduced strict distancing and hygiene protocols within the radio room, as well as reducing shift numbers. Thanks to our WAVE technology, our operators are also increasingly “working from home”, with no loss in radio coverage or quality.

How You Can Help

The state government are advising boaters to stay home, unless they have an essential need to go out on the water.

As a community we are at a critical time when we must all work together for our collective health and wellbeing, especially for the most vulnerable of us in society. The science is clear and proven here, the more we limit our movements, contacts and interactions, the slower this virus will spread and the fewer friends and loved ones we will lose.

We therefore urge you to reconsider your need to go boating.

Remember, that if you do go out and have some trouble on the water that requires our assistance to get home, it will be our volunteers leaving their homes to come and get you. For those of you who think you’ll never break down, that’s what the 1,403 people we brought home last year thought too.

Let’s do this together. Stay safe and stay home.

Rottnest Island Closure

Rottnest Island and all waters within the Rottnest Island Marine Reserve are now closed to the public.

Boaties are warned that fines of up to $50,000 can apply for breaches into the closed areas. See below for more information.